See A problem And Adapt Your Solution...

Some sports aren't based on strength. Historical Fencing teaches observation, planning and adaptive thinking to help you navigate the toughest challenges - at home, at the office, and when scoring points.


Low Impact.

Learn how to move your body as one unit and prevent injury. Develop fitness at a pace that works for you. 

Slow and Steady.

Worried about attendance because of a hectic life? Learn to develop quick and effective skills in class and practice at home when the going gets busy.

Gear that Lasts.

Buying sports gear can be a year-round process.  Your gear in this sport can last a lifetime. Learn how to piece together a kit that best suits you. 


Swords are cool! Learning the language of fencing is cooler! You can learn the techniques and strategies that give you an edge over your competition with no steep learning curves. 

You Don't Know Fencing until you know fencing...


Jay Maas

       Head Instructor  - Broadsword Academy Manitoba      

"We hosted Xian as an instructor for our HEMA club. I've spent a lot of time travelling and working on swordsmanship for well over a decade. Xian is the best. We will be hosting him regularly as he breathed some new life into the art for us, especially with Longsword and Sidesword. Excellent knowledge of historical sources, fencing and all elements of unarmed arts both historical and modern.  Very clear and well-thought-out instruction that presents historical fencing, while taking the best from modern pedagogy. The lessons are incredibly easy to transition into free play as he deeply understands the when and why of what he teaches."


Head Instructor - Maritime Sword School 

"Coach Niles offers a refreshing take on historical material, focusing on high performance and trimming the fat. Everyone should spend some time fencing with him."


"Xian is one of the most skilled, efficient fighters I've met, and a capable teacher who conveys his knowledge effectively."

Devon Boorman

Master Instructor - Academie Duello

"Xian Niles brings a combination of poetry and prowess to his methods of both fighting and teaching. He is  focused and conscientious in his approach with students and can help those of all levels to meet their martial and competitive goals."


Head Instructor - Terra Nova School of Swords

"Phil Swift here, I'm the head coach at Terra Nova School of Swords, and every time before I compete, I always get a coach session with Xian. He's not only an amazing athlete, but he is a top-notch instructor. He is detailed in his instructions, and his knowledge of fundamentals can be applied to any sword system you are practicing or competing in. Nova Scotia is lucky to have him."